“We undertake to reduce the negative environmental impact of our operations on common natural resources every day.”

Samra Electric Company dedicates great importance and long-term attention to the role of environmental impacts in the development of societies lived and worked around their operational operations because of their economic, environmental and social impacts, as it is keen to apply sustainability standards for electric power generation units in all its operations.

Samra Electric Power Company believes that the world will be better if we all commit to preserving the environment and reducing the impacts resulting from its operations.

SEPCO is responsible for preserving society and reducing the impacts on the environment, through integrated management of environmental performance, in order to achieve added and shared value for stakeholders.

As the largest company in the generation of electric power in the Kingdom, the company works to implement leading energy practices to protect internal and external stakeholders and achieve added value for all of its activities.

SEPCO follows up the guidelines of the environmental management system ISO14001:2015 according to the requirements, as the company has continued to maintain the certificate for successive years, as the company has been keen to monitor environmental performance by monitoring, measuring and following up environmental performance indicators.

The most important performance

The number of safety committee minutes
0 +
Percentage of excesses in gas emissions
0% +
Disposing of hazardous waste in accordance with legal requirements
100% +
The quantity of raw water consumed per generating unit
55.35 m3/GWh +
Electricity saving
18% +